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By Stephanie Newcomb



It is my desire to shift people’s mindsets and positively affect the lives around me—Whatever I can do to make an impact and be the source of a transformation. 

Unleashed Potential is a 12-week life coaching program that encompasses all realms of health and fitness. Through this program, I plan to help individuals solidify goals and create structure for achieving those goals in their minds and in all areas of their lives. I want to help people realize that food is either poison or medicine, and it’s a choice we have to make every day. While it’s important to give your body the medicine that it needs, life is too short to completely cut out the foods you love—It’s all about balance and finding the right balance in your life! 

A suitable candidate for this program is willing to accept criticism and advice and is committed to change and growth. 

I’m excited for the journeys ahead… Let’s do this!


"Over the past two years, I lost my Dad, then my Mom. My heart was shattered, depression set in, and I was trying to comfort myself with food. I deserved it and it made me feel better for the moment, then came the guilt and shame. A few months ago, when I started following Stephanie on Instagram, all her posts screamed HAPPY, POSITIVE, HEALTHY, STRONG, FULL OF FAITH…all the things that I was looking for in myself again. I started her program in October with a fire inside of me, ready for something MAJOR and life-changing. Stephanie guided me each day with super challenging workouts, taught me clean and healthy eating habits, and helped me build a better relationship with not only food, but myself as well. Her method is not a one size fits all, it's a truly personalized experience strengthening body, mind, and heart all at the same time. The past 12 weeks have been so freaking HARD, but I’m feeling happier, more positive, healthier, so much stronger, and more faithful in God. I’ve only just begun my journey and have a long way to go, but I'm so thankful for Stephanie's spirit and motivation, and I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing community she’s created."

- Brandy


"I am so grateful for you, Stephanie! You give me SO MUCH motivation on a daily basis! I am always watching and learning from you! You combine health/fashion/fitness/faith/encouragement and determination...and truly embody the all-around perfect balance for living a joyful, healthy lifestyle. From your ebook to your workouts, dietary suggestions and encouragement...I could not have been in better hands! I’m a stubborn one and you pushed me WITH LOVE! I am thankful for our heartfelt talks, your genuine concern for my mental and physical well-being and all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve provided! You have given me all the tools! I will never be able to thank you enough! YOU ROCK SO HARD! 👊🏼❤️"


"Absolutely loved working with Stephanie! She’s the perfect mix of coach, teacher, and motivator. I knew I didn’t just need to lose weight and get in shape. I needed to completely relearn what it meant to eat healthy and take care of myself.  I needed to think differently about what I was putting in my body and establish new habits. Stephanie was so great to talk me through every step of the process and help me identify the areas that were keeping me from reaching my goals. Would 100% recommend!!"

- Amy


"In yoga, we are always focusing on energy - how to get it, where we get it from, how we share it, and how we use it. I am very protective of my energy and careful of who I share it with. More importantly, I am careful about who I receive it from. Too many times, I've given too much of myself to people who only gave me negativity in return. That's why I'm so grateful for what you've given me. Your energy is so powerful and positive, and its impact on me has been immeasurable. Your never ending physical energy is inspiring and motivating. Your attitude and outlook make me feel like anything is possible! The community of supportive, caring, and bad-ass women you have cultivated feeds my soul and spirit on a daily basis. Thank you!"


"There is no way I would be where I am today if it wasn't for your awesome coaching ability. I feel so grateful to have met you because you have pushed me to look at all aspects of life in a different perspective, and I believe this has made me into a stronger woman. I plan to continue taking your classes, so I can continue to transform into the healthiest version of me I can be! Stephanie, you are truly a blessing, and I want to thank you for all the time you have put into this twelve weeks with me. It has been life changing."

- Kathryn


"How can I put into a few short sentences the absolute gratitude I feel for Stephanie having spent the last 12 weeks going through a nutrition boot camp benefiting from her amazing guidance, wisdom, and non-stop encouragement? I've learned not only about making good choices but also (and even more importantly), I've come to know and understand the game that was often going on behind the scenes in my mind resulting in extremely poor decisions in regards to the quality of what I was putting in my mouth and the quantity, too. I've always thought that proper nutrition and clean eating was more of a "never achievable goal" or something that only the most disciplined and determined could accomplish long-term. In the past, I could stick to a plan for several weeks and even months, but I'd eventually give up and get back to regular bad habits. With the education I've experienced from my time with Stephanie, I no longer worry that I can't achieve my long-term goals in regards to my health because I'm enjoying what I'm eating and drinking, I don't feel deprived or hungry, I finally feel in control of my choices rather than letting cravings and urges dictate my decisions for me, and I'm loving the new found energy that I have to balance my work and family. This has been such a turning point for me and I'm never going back. I'll forever be thankful for Stephanie and the impact she has made in my life!!"

- Tammie