Stephanie Newcomb

Owner, Unleashed Health + Fitness

Stephanie is a personal trainer and health coach based in Little Rock, AR. She is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach with a passion for helping others learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

For Stephanie, exercise has always been her go-to "cure" for anything from sleepless nights to a bad mood. She firmly believes endorphins is the best medicine you can give your body—That and healthy, nutritious foods, of course.

As a wife and mom of 3 boys, setting a good example in terms of health has always been one of Stephanie’s top priorities. She strives to create healthy meals for her family every day and often shares her recipes on her blog. Even if her clients are solely there to exercise, Stephanie always talks to them about their diet before training even begins. 

No matter what fitness level you are, Stephanie is eager and ready to help. She says the most important thing is to “just start.” As a personal trainer, Stephanie likes to keep her work outs fresh, so expect a variety of HITT, weight training, endurance training and Tabata.

Stephanie believes that health looks different on everyone, and that “God created us all in different shapes and sizes,” hence why she creates personalized plans for each and every client. She truly loves encouraging and pushing her clients to show them that they can do it and can achieve their goals no matter how high they’re set.