The Gym Unleashed E-Book


The Gym Unleashed: E-Book is an 8-week program that is your personal guide to strength training. Unleashed Health + Fitness owner, Stephanie Newcomb, designed each and every work out in the book.

What's Included:

  • 97-page e-book including 8-weeks worth of work outs + more
  • The e-book can be viewed on your laptop/desktop, tablet, smart phone or can be printed.
  • See images for a sneak peek into the e-book!

*Note: Due to iOS limitations, it is not possible to download the ebook on your mobile device using Gmail or Google Chrome. If you wish to open your e-book on your mobile device and the download was sent to a Gmail account, simply forward the email to a non-gmail account and open the link using Safari or a non-Chrome browser. E-mail us anytime with any questions!

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