WORK OUT: Slam Ball Series

The slam ball is seriously my favorite piece of workout equipment! So, I wanted to explain why and then, of course, give you a workout you can mix into your regular exercise routine, or you can even use it as a warm-up before a workout.

The slam ball allows you to utilize different ranges of motion and speed, which are things you can't do with dumbbells. The Dynamax slam ball is available in several weight options. I usually use a 12 lb ball, but if you haven't used one before, I would start with a 6 or 8 lb ball.

Using the slam ball can improve the strength and power in all your muscles, as well as get your heart rate up, which is why I love it! Not to mention, it's a great way to release any built-up frustration. ;)  



This work out consists of 3 moves.

Do each move for 45-60 sec. Then rest 15 seconds in between.

Do 4-6 sets.

1. Overhead Slams

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the ball over your head and throw it down out in front between your feet. Squat down to pick up the ball, holding it on the sides. Stand up to return to starting position--Remember to stand by pushing through your heels and squeezing your glutes.


2. Side Slams

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart or a little wider. Hold the ball with one hand under the ball and the other hand on the side. Keeping your feet in place, twist your torso slightly out to the side. Using the hand that's on the outside of the ball, push the ball slamming it against the ball and, then catch it as it bounces off the wall and return to starting position. Continue at a steady pace. And don't forget to hold your abs and core in tight. 


3. Short Slams 

Facing the wall slightly closer than in the last move, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the ball with a hand on each side. Bring the ball to your chest and push the ball out away from your body. Be sure to make a straight pushing motion and don't toss the ball. Push as hard as you can with quick, short slams for a good burn.


Remember to work hard and have fun!!