Quarantine Style


Is this what your outfit looks like on the daily during this crazy time??

Even though we are all still in quarantine-mode right now does not mean we have to stay in our robe and slippers all day. I've realized that when I take the time to wash my hair and put on an actual outfit, it makes me feel 100x better!

This robe is honestly the best robe I have ever owned. I got it at Belle and Blush, an amazing beauty boutique here in Little Rock. The jammies are Splendid and are also super soft. And, of course, you can never go wrong with UGG slippers.


Working out for me is a necessity in life. And cute workout clothes brings me even more motivation. These P.E Nation shorts are currently on sale, and this P.E Nation tank goes with everything. P.E Nation is an essential brand in my closet. I wear it from working out > lounging > going out--It's so versatile! Can't forget about my Adidas Comfort slides which basically go with any outfit.


Who doesn't love a good band tee?! I won't tell you how many I own😜  It's basically what I wear when I'm not wearing workout clothes (so not very often, ha)! I found this super affordable Metallica band tee and love it.

These pants are RtA and there is nothing they make that I don't like! It's always so comfortable which is a big plus.

Let's be honest, running is not my favorite thing to do. BUT on a sunny weekend with no clients scheduled, running is my workout of choice. I'm not a long distance girl. A good three miles shocks my body and that's all I need. These built-in compression shorts & tank are both from Bandier and super cute. I like to hold my hair back with my large zebra Teleties. These Adidas ultraboost shoes have become my "go to" running shoes.  

Nothing brings me happiness like a good sweat, and it's the best stress reliever you will ever find.

I hope some of these outfits inspire you to be still, yet remember to MOVE! Put some normalcy in your week with a fun outfit to make you feel 💯.


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