Green Chile Egg Tacos


Hey friends!!


If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Mexican food. Growing up in San Diego, I ate Mexican food all the time... I could probably eat it every day! I love coming up with healthier versions of foods I love, and that is exactly what I have done today...


My mom is known for her delicious green chile egg casserole...  It's super easy to make, but it has a few ingredients I prefer not to eat on a regular basis. So, I changed things up a little bit, and I think it turned about bomb.


To make the casserole a little less boring, I turned it into a taco... Because, well, every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at our house. 




4 Vital Farms organic eggs

1 can green chiles

1/2 cup Bob’s Red Mill almond flour

1/2 cup Parmesan

1/2 cup organic cheddar cheese grated

1/2 tsp pink sea salt

1 cup almond milk




Mix all together

Place in a 9x13 greased pan

Bake on 350 degrees for 50 min


I let the casserole cool for 5 min, chopped some up, and put it in an a Siete  almond flour tortilla. Add whatever toppings you prefer! I use Uncanny Better Beans, and of course, avocado and whatever greens I have on hand.


I hope you enjoy!!



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