Blueberry Energy Smoothie


It's been so hot outside and cold smoothies have been my jam for the past month. I am always trying to figure out new healthy ones for the little dudes to try. I can't say they all loved this one, but I do and I feel like you will too! So, I'm going to share. The little dudes aren't always right anyway. :)

I used Bulletproof collagen daily energy (vanilla bean) to give you a boost for your day. And of course, I topped it with some Magic Spoon cereal for a nice crunch.

Here is what you will need.



1.5-2 scoops Bulletproof Complete Daily Energy Collagen (Vanilla Bean)

8 oz  Good Karma Flaxmilk unsweetened

1 handful frozen organic cauliflour

1 handful frozen organic blueberries

1 Tbsp flaxseed

1 scoop Vibrant Health green vibrance

1/2 banana (optional)

Magic Spoon cereal for topping optional



Put all the ingredients into your mixer and mix on high.

I sometimes add some water so it's not too thick.

Top it with Magic Spoon cereal. 


This smoothie is packed with nutrients! I hope you enjoy it!!


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